Better business through a better brand


A good brand doesn’t have to be complicated,

it just needs to be right

Branding, communication and design transformation is about simplicity and clarity. To find the core of a problem and create the most direct and understandable solution. This also aplies to the process of buying design and innovation in itself. The dialogue must be clear and understandable and based on a mutual trust to get to this point. The strategy and thinking needs to communicate without relying on category language or specific models. Chances are that if you can’t express the core of your idea in one clear sentence you perhaps shouldn’t say it at all.

The application of design thinking for business goes far beyond the traditional applications like identity, packaging or digital. The ability to look for a different point of view, locate gaps and potentials and constantly questioning the established assumptions is common practice and essential for aiding and preparing a business for future challenges. The process is managed and structured and the outcome is in constant change according to the needs of the project. The conclusions might be challenging and demanding change but the process itself should always be transparent and understandable. It’s about doing things that work, for the right reason.

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brand management

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To achieve great results you always have to challenge the things that are taken for granted.



Below is a brief collection of various projects done over the years. As is the projects were mainly done at either Scandinavian Design Group where I worked for over 14 years or at Snøhetta Design which I also co-founded I will keep the references to a bare minimum since each project is a sign of it’s time and to a certain extent belonging to each agency.

They represent a brief insight into my experience within strategy and brand building for corporations and  commercial services & products. The projects range from the small and uncomplicated to large complex processes for international companies that require substantial involvement from stakeholders on all levels within an organisation. 



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